Teach kindergarten students English online

You can teach English to two different kinds of students:

* Kindergarten classes of up to 30 students who will learn from you on a regular basis.

* Small classes of up to 4 students who will schedule lessons with you at mutually agreed times.

What's the difference?

Teaching style

When you're teaching small classes, focus on teaching individual students as effectively and efficiently as possible. When you're teaching Kindergarten classes, please sing songs, show your enthusiasm and make the class fun for the kids!

Teaching environment

Make sure you have good lighting and a stable internet connection. You should place the camera level with your chin and make sure viewers can see your upper body. When teaching younger students, please stand so they can see your gestures and funny props.

Teaching hours

Kindergarten classes run from 9 am to 12 am or 4 pm to 6 pm Chinese Standard Time on weekdays.


If you'd like to take a vacation, please tell us three days before any scheduled class.